French Bulldog FAQs

Do French Bulldogs like to bark a lot?
French Bulldogs don’t typically bark anymore or less compared to other dog breeds. French Bulldogs are not known to be excessive barkers.

Do French Bulldogs shed a lot?
Yes, French Bulldogs do like to shed however since they only have a single coat they don’t shed as much as other breeds.

Can a French Bulldog be a good watch dog?
Definitely! French Bulldogs have the ability to be good watch dogs. They are known to be protective and can be territorial.

Are French Bulldogs good companion dogs?
French Bulldogs are one of the best companion dogs. They are adorable, fun to be with, and very loving. They are also easy to groom and do not require a great amount of exercise.

Do French Bulldogs socialize well with children?
In general, all children need to be supervised when around any dog, especially a puppy. This is recommended for both the puppy and child’s well being. Having said that, French Bulldogs are known to be good with children.

How do French Bulldogs act around cats?
This isn’t a easy question to answer because it depends on multiple factors such as; the dogs personality, the cats personality, and who was introduced to the household first. If you already have a cat in your household you may run into issues with compatibility between he or she and your French Bulldog.

Do French Bulldogs snore?
Yes, French Bulldogs are known to snore and some can be pretty loud. Their snoring is often related to their breathing issues / problems.

Wait a second, breathing problems?
Sometimes you will have a French Bulldog that breathes loudly or has a tough time breathing. This can be because they have a long tongue or an elongated soft palate that is blocking their airway. Smaller nose openings on French Bulldogs can make the already existent breathing issues worse. Other issues that can develop with an elongated soft palate include regurgitating or spitting up food, or foaming often. It is recommended that you talk to your vet to see if there are any corrections that can be made.

How can I find a vet that specializes in French Bulldogs?
Currently we can’t recommend specific vets in your area that specialize in French Bulldogs. In future, this is a feature we plan to add to our website. What we do recommend is that you contact a local French Bulldog breeder for recommendations, or do your own personal research on your local veterinarians.

How do French Bulldogs react to apartment living?
French Bulldogs are perfect for apartment living. In fact, it’s what makes this breed so popular. Frenchies love to be around their owners and they don’t take up much space. Just remember, they will need to be walked outside.

Are French Bulldogs Sociable?
All dogs in general do better when exposed to other aspects of life such as; people, other dogs, and nature. French Bulldogs are not by nature an aggressive, mean, or vicious pet. It’s highly recommended that you take your French Bulldog out to get them accustomed to various places. Not only will this make your dog happier, it will also help them not to react out of fear due to the unknown. In addition, the more exposure, the more character and confidence your Frenchie will have. Frenchies need to be a part of your daily life, it is not healthy for them to be gone from you for long periods of time.

Are French Bulldogs good with other dogs?
This question also depends on multiple factor such as your dog’s personality. It’s best to slowly test your French Bulldog’s reaction to other dogs while supervised.

Are French Bulldogs easy or hard to train?
French Bulldogs can react well to training however they can also be stubborn at the same time. In order for training to be successful, you have to take it seriously. French Bulldogs are known to always want to be the center of attention whenever they are around people.

What should I feed my French Bulldog?
Use caution when feeding your French Bulldog. It’s important to be aware of artificial preservatives and excessive proteins and fillers. Some Frenchies can be allergic to certain commercial foods. It’s not uncommon for French Bulldogs to have food allergies. If this becomes an issue, be sure to contact your vet for recommendations. Be careful not to over feed your French Bulldog as excessive weight can damage their physical structure and even shorten their lifespan.

How can I potty train my French Bulldog?
The difficulty in potty training a French Bulldog can vary greatly. Crate training is extremely helpful in making them house broken. Because the French Bulldog will perceive it as their space, they will not soil it. It’s recommended to develop a consistent routing of taking a potty break in the morning, after they eat, and before they go to bed. Taking your French Bulldog out at least three times a day to go to the bathroom is necessary. For French Bulldog Puppies a potty break is required at least every two hours.