Pixel the adorable French Bulldog tries to get his bed back from a cat who’s a bully

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Fighting like Cats and Dogs”? Well in this video that’s exactly what is going on.

Watch Pixel the French Bulldog try to reclaim his bed from his roommate who is a bully. This cat stole Pixel’s bed and he isn’t going to let that slide. At only 10 weeks old pixel puts up a strong fight. It takes him about a minute but he eventually reclaims his bed from the bully!

Pixel may have won this round however we wonder what will happen in the future. Will the cat succeed in taking Pixel’s bed or will Pixel the French Bulldog show the cat whose boss? Let us know what you think!

Do you have a video of your French Bulldog that you would like to share with us? Email it to Frenchie Society ([email protected]) with a description today! We can’t wait to see the videos of your adorable French Bulldogs.

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